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Suitable for:age 4-6 (1 hour lesson)


Course fee:

$1200/4 lessons

$2160/8 lessons

$2880/12 lessons


If you are interested, please contact us - Whatsapp:


《Little Leaders Preschool》Certificate would be released after finished below 6 sessions.


The program is designed to identify, encourage and enhance leadership traits in our students. Most of the time we are train to follow but not train to lead. Building up leadership skills in a child’s early childhood could foster problem solving skills and self-control ability. Helping the child to develop leader’s qualities for a lifetime before the age of six.


Learning Objectives:

Little leadership course is a specially designed class by First Footprint. It helps to develop children’s self-control ability, positive emotion, problem-solving skills, resilience, communication and expression skills and personal character based on children’s psychology and growth.


This course allows children to learn positive thinking and character, eliminate negative emotions and handling pressures in life. At the same time, teacher will communicate with parents, allowing parents to have knowledge to give positive thinking for their children, in order to enhance their resilience and face different challenges.


Learning Outcome:


1: Self expression skills

According to psychologist Maslow Hierarchy of needs, people must be self-satisfied (such as food, warmth, rest and security) before they go to another level (confident and caring for others).


The prerequisite for becoming a little leader is to understand self-expression, to know yourself from the process of self-expression, and to let your family and friends fully understand your needs.


2: Active communication

Good communication needs to be cultivated and learned from an early age. The meaning of communication is to two way exchange thoughts, cooperation or achieve some consensus with others. The communication of children includes a clear expression of their opinions, concern for the opinions of others and how to reach consensus with others to achieve a win-win situation.


3: Build confidence

Confident children can be self-affirmed. Therefore, they can learn independently, be brave in thinking, be willing to explore, and like to interact with others. They will actively try to overcome difficulties and go forward.


4: Love and appreciate others

  • Train children to understand and care about the feelings and needs of others, and to respect others.
  • Can accept other people's tips and opinions, accept the norms of group life.
  • Be polite, know how to love their companions, share with others, and build good relationships.


5: Emotional control

Controlling emotions and proper expression of emotions are one of the most important abilities in life. People with higher emotional intelligence often get more support and recognition from all parties in society, and they usually achieve higher achievement in life.


6: Situation game

Teacher will guide the game, children will know themselves and get along with them from the game. Each student simulates the role of leader by the guidance of teacher.

Little Leaders Preschool

Number of lesson
  • Each student may only enroll to trial class(es) on their first time enrollment to First Footprint course(s). There is no refund or make up class for trial class(es). In order to maintain the quality of lesson, First Footprint would control the number of student for each class. Each enrollment must be double confirmed via Whatsapp / Facebook message in order to formally reserved the date & time.

    In order to maintain hygiene, all students and adults must wear socks in class. Adults and children bring their own socks. Only one adult attending a toddler class, such as more than one adult, can wait outside the classroom.

    • Typhoon signal 3 or Amber / Red rainstorm warning:Class continue as usual,caretakers shall decide whether to attend the class according to their actual situation.
    • Typhoon signal 8 or Black rainstorm warning:Class cancel. Substitute class would be arranged within 6 calendar days if the original class is cancelled due to bad weather condition. If the bad weather signal is cancelled before 7am, all classes will resume as usual. If the bad weather signal is still hoisted at 11am, all afternoon class would be cancelled. If the bad weather signal is cancelled before 11am, all afternoon classes would resume as usual.



學校地址 : 

  • First Footprint
  • first_footprint_


WhatsApp: 9335 0739




WhatsApp: 9269 5401


​WhatsApp: 9666 4954

佐敦總校:九龍佐敦白加士街59號 健能商業大廈6樓B室  

(港鐵出口位置,佐敦站C2出口 或如需要升降機可於B1出口 / 柯士甸站F出口)





Schools Address : 
Jordan School:6B, Will Strong Development Building, 59 Parkes Street, Jordan.⠀

(MTR station : Jordan station C2 exit or B1 ( if need to take lift) / Austin station exit F)


Tuen Mun School: Unit 19, 27/Floor, Tuen Mun Parklane Square, 2 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Sha TIn Shek Mun School:27H, Kings Wing Plaza 2, 1 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun, Sha Tin 

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